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Services for investors in Central-Europe

Our law firm is the founder and the Hungarian member of the Central-Eastern European law organization EAST LEGAL TEAM EEIG. As a result, we are able to offer complex services to the investors in cooperation with our Central-Eastern European colleagues in both Hungary and the Central-Eastern European countries.

Corporate issues, claim prosecution
It is very important to choose an appropriate business form when establishing the company and afterwards to prepare the necessary contracts. Our law firm carries out the tasks mentioned above according to the request and needs of the client. Overdue invoices can be avoided in most cases with the help of appropriate contractual securities; and if not, choosing the right way of legal enforcement is essential.

Legal and financial audit (due diligence)
In case of acquisition, merger and demerger of companies, a detailed legal and financial audit (due diligence) is of great importance. Throughout the years we have collected huge experience together with our accountant partner in this kind of assignments from countries with various legal cultures.

Human resources
When operating a company, one of the most important questions is to have well trained employees. After the selection performed by our partner-firms we draft the labour contract specified for the position, the necessary internal employer’s instructions, by-laws and regulations and we also participate in the establishment of the work council where applicable.