Polish Connections

BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership and MIKULSKI & PARTNERS Law Firm www.mikulski.krakow.pl have been cooperating with each other for years regarding providing legal services for Polish clients in Hungary and for Hungarian clients in Poland. Clients of both law firms enjoy numerous benefits of receiving coordinated services in Budapest, Cracow and Warsaw. One example is the “helpdesk service”. The most important information about Polish and Hungarian law is available for clients in both countries within the framework of the helpdesk service. The most significant values of our law firms are inter alia client-orientation, taylor-made and complex, high services.


MIKULSKI & PARTNERS Law Firm is pleased to be at clients’ disposal in the following legal areas inter alia: corporate and commercial law, international trade law, civil law, administrative law, labour law, banking, contracts, competition, bankruptcy law, real estate and construction, litigation and arbitration.

MIKULSKI & PARTNERS Law Firm provides its legal services in English, German and Spanish besides Polish; our clients originate from different European countries, especially from Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.

MIKULSKI & PARTNERS Law Firm is a member of the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce (www.ihk.pl), the Spanish-Polish Chamber of Commerce (www.phig.pl), the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (www.nlchamber.com.pl) and the association of law firms East Legal Team European Economic Interest Grouping (www.eastlegalteam.com) established on 29 March 2008 in Budapest on the base of EU Law. BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership is the Hungarian member of EAST LEGAL TEAM.

Advisors cooperating with us offer complex services in our clients’ business operations, including investment and financial counselling, tax advice, book-keeping, auditing and real property management.


Mikulski & Partners


Willa Aniela

ul. Kielecka 19

31-523 Cracow, Poland
Phone: (+48) 12 410 77 00
Fax: (+48) 12 410 77 01


Web: www.mikulski.krakow.pl


Contact persons:

Andrzej Mikulski, attorney-at-law, partner

Małgorzata Majkowska, attorney-at-law, partner

Ksawery Garapich, trainee attorney-at-law


In Budapest: Dr. Tamás BALÁZS attorney at law, partner

(balazs@bakolegal.com; +36 1 302 5697)