Green Field Investments, Building and Construction Industry

Legal and financial assistance in green field investments 
According to our experience the investors expect complex legal services in connection with their investments. In this regard we try to provide complex services to the investors in cooperation with our partner firms (real estate developer, tax advisor, HR) within which frames we provide legal services.

Legal representation of building and construction investments
Significant building and construction industrial investments involve a very complex procedure. We have several years of experience regarding the drafting and harmonizing of respective contracts, procuring necessary permits.

Real estate transactions
In addition to the purchase of high-value real estates we have considerable experience in the area of both real estate purchase by foreign citizens and other contracts related to real estates (e.g.: mortgage recording, termination of co-ownership etc.)

Legal disputes in the building and construction industry
The legal representation in legal disputes in building and construction industry demands the knowledge of both the relevant legal regulation and the recent judicial practice; besides that a widespread background-knowledge is also necessary. The colleagues of our law firm proceed with this complex background-knowledge before authorities as well as before ordinary and arbitration courts.